Buy Don't Build

The Fast and Certain Way to Online Profits
FOR PEOPLE WITH A DEEP DESIRE TO TRADE THEIR RUSTY OLD JOB IN FOR THE LAPTOP LIFESTYLE... but don't want to spin in circles trying to figure this whole "Make Money Online" thing out...

The First Training Program of its kind to turn "the average man or woman" into a steely eyed Web Property Investment Specialist. For example:
  • Learn why web property investment will net you higher profits, faster than ANY other online business model in existence... even if you've never made a dime online before!
  • Discover how easy it is, and for how little you can get started building your very own "portfolio" of profit churning properties that generate "passive income" on schedule each and every month
  • Avoid 100% of the typical Internet Marketing pitfalls by completely bypassing traditional MMO models... get to the "profit zone" faster, smoother, and with less headache!
  • See why this ex-IBM project executive (who oversaw a $25,000,000 annual budget) has over $170,000.00 in Flippa transactions... and why he can't stop spending!
  • And learn how you can get started buying profit producing web properties TODAY for a lot less than you think!
If you're ready to ELIMINATE the anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, and
FEAR that DESTROYS Internet marketing businesses faster than they can start and begin a fun NEW CHAPTER in building your online wealth, then read on...

Dear Newbie Marketer,


Finding success online can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You know it's there, but the further you dig the more lost and confused you become!

And that's tough, because you are filled with a burning desire to change things in your life. Perhaps you want a second income to start paying off some bills or take your kids on vacation. Maybe you want to say "chow" to your boss and free yourself from the rat race. Or maybe you even have dreams of reaching 6 and 7 figures a year.


One small problem: Nothing you've tried is working!


Whether it's SEO… affiliate marketing… CPA... whatever… the annoying fact remains: YOU CAN'T SEEM TO BUILD A SUSTAINABLE INCOME FROM ONLINE MARKETING!

You Are NOT Alone! Thousands of newbie marketers feel just like you do right now!

For example…

  • DO YOU FEEL so anxious to make some money from your efforts that you feel like you can't stay focused on a single business model - after a few weeks you jump to the next "shiny object" only to be disappointed again, and again? The only real change in your financial reality is that your wallet got a bit lighter?
  • DO YOU FEEL so desperate to make this work that you stay up late at night, worrying, stressing, and searching for some "pie in the sky" promise of overnight riches?
  • DO YOU FEEL like maybe making money online is a "myth" and the only people who actually make anything are the ones selling the overpriced training programs?
  • DO YOU FEEL overjoyed when something works… when you see your site bump in the rankings, or make a random affiliate sale... then find yourself quietly whimpering as all your hard work is wiped out or it takes weeks to make another sale?
  • DO YOU FEEL sometimes that you wish you never got involved in any of this "lifestyle design" and "entrepreneurship" stuff… and maybe it would be easier to just walk away than try to overcome the hurdles that still stand before you?
  • DO YOU FEEL so lonely and unaided sometimes that you get upset at those around you who don't (and can't) provide the support you need -then beat yourself up mentally for days or weeks after?

Have you ever had any of these feelings? I bet you have!

LISTEN: If you're like I was when I first started in my own journey of online entrepreneurship, then you've experienced at least some of these feelings… and probably more than once!

In fact, it seems like just yesterday that I was in the same situation you're in right now, a complete newbie to making money online. So I know EXACTLY what you're going through!

But do you know the WORST part?

Knowing that you're probably screwing up your last chance to make your life into what you want it to be - and that you have no idea how to NOT screw it up.

The Shockingly Simple Secret That
Changed Everything for Me:
(And how it will help YOU, too)

The secret is BUY Don't BUILD.

The Website Investor buys websites that already have customers, products, a working business model and MONTHLY INCOME.


It's not really that big of a secret but you would never know that watching all the Internet Marketers out there who keep trying system after system with limited results.

You see everyone is selling nifty tricks but they are always missing something.

You can buy the most beautiful website template in the world but it is WORTHLESS without customers.


You can find clever systems that claim to send thousands of "customers" to your website. But do they work? And do you have anything worthwhile to sell? And can you convince anyone to buy?


Sure you can create a business model, you build a marketing system to get customers, you can create beautiful products to sell, you can create a wonderful website to sell them on, you can create sales copy that converts traffic into sales.


That's all possible. But that is the SLOW, PAINFUL, RISKY and COSTLY way to do things.

Its worth repeating: The Website Investor buys websites that already have customers, products, a working business model and MONTHLY INCOME.

I Want To Teach You How to Press the "Reset" Button & Start Building A Long Term

Consistent Income Source Online
(No Matter What Happened In the Past)

The Fastest, Easiest, Most Certain Way
to a Profitable Online Business

Buying a website business instead of building is ...

  • Instant income
  • No waiting for traffic
  • No waiting for brand recognition
  • No waiting for customers
  • Don't have to be a designer, techie, marketer, SEO specialist, product creator
  • Don't have to start from scratch
  • Already has sales
  • Already has customers
  • Already has traffic
  • Already has a product
  • Low labor cost
  • Few physical assets
  • High margins
  • Low maintenance cost

I'm Delighted to Introduce...

A MASSIVE Collection of Resources

For Your Website Investing SUCCESS


Investor Starter Guide and Case Studies




Investor Starter Guide and Case Studies

A practical success guide for the new website investor. This book introduces this exciting online business niche and via a series of entertaining case studies explores topics like:

- Build vs. Buy?
- Low cost website purchases
- Winners and losers
- It is not all about the money

And the process:
  • Finding Sites to Buy
  • Evaluating to avoid the lemons
  • Valuation
  • The handoff
  • Low hanging fruit
  • Getting started running your site

Web Business Value Estimator


Online Web Business Value Estimator

The Web Business Value Estimator answers the question most often asked by newbies and experts alike... "What is this website worth?"

This is the most advanced tool available, considering more factors, with more smarts baked in. Its like having your own Business Acquisition specialist at your fingertips.

At the heart of the calculator is a mechanism for determining the overall risks inherent in the business from an analysis of the key metrics.

The estimator considers:
  • Revenue and income trends
  • Visitor trends
  • Pageviews per visitor
  • Revenue sources
  • Traffic sources
  • Age
  • Information reliability
  • And more...

Key Features Include:
  • Overall risk assessment
  • Low and high price range
  • Target price range
  • Import of information from Flippa listings
  • 12 Months of Access
  • And more...

Massive video, audio, pdf collection for your investing success

  • Website Investing Quick Overview
  • Why Buy Websites?
  • Where do you find websites to buy?
  • Narrowing down the search
  • Evaluating Websites
  • Evaluating Revenue
  • Evaluating Expenses and Financial Risk
  • Evaluating Traffic
  • Evaluating Content
  • Evaluating Other Factors
  • Evaluating Future Potential
  • Valuation: What is the right price?
  • The Auction
  • The Handoff: Escrow Process
  • The Handoff: Sales Contracts
  • The Handoff: Site Transfer
  • The Handoff: Inspection Period
  • Optimizing Revenue
Business Models...
  • Business Models: Advertising
  • Business Models: Affiliate Marketing
  • Business Models: Services
  • Business Models: eCommerce
  • Business Models: Leads
  • Business Models: Summary
Hands On...
  • Evaluating Revenue: Hands On
  • Evaluating Traffic Hands On
Help Running the Website..
  • Getting Help
  • Managing the Website
And the Bonuses!
  • Tech Training Library
  • Mastering the Sale
  • Secret Bonus Video 1
  • Secret Bonus Video 2
  • Secret Bonus Video 3
Watch, Read or Listen

Watch MP4 Videos

Read Transcripts (PDF)

Listen to MP3 Audio

The Silver package includes everything in the Bronze package PLUS...
Own The Web
The world's most comprehensive website investing video course.

In this extraordinary training program, you'll learn how to use my "recipe" for creating SMART investments… how to turn money into more money... and how to capitalize on the hard work of others to build your own online wealth empire.
In this extraordinary training program, you'll learn how to use my "recipe" for creating SMART investments… how to turn money into more money... and how to capitalize on the hard work of others to build your own online wealth empire.
  • YOU'LL LEARN how to (finally!) eliminate 100% of the shiny object distractions that have been killing your business by subscribing to one simple idea... investing in web properties for ultra-fast profits!
  • YOU'LL CONQUER your goals by jumping into projects POST-PROFIT instead of investing a bunch of time and money "Testing".
  • YOU'LL LEARN how to profit from other people's efforts and build on their success. Armed with this knowledge you can begin to multiply your dollars again and again.

In fact...

  • IF YOU'VE TRIED everything under the sun to make money and you still can't get a handle on what your real problems are and how to solve them…Own The Web was created for YOU.
  • IF YOU'RE FEELING powerless over control of your lifestyle… and you want to take back the reins on the way that you live your life Own The Webis especially for YOU.
  • IF YOU'RE TIRED of feeling that repetitive disappointment that comes from spending weeks or months trying to make a "system" work for you... only to realize pathetic returns... Own The Web is especially for YOU.
As you can see… Own The Web is a treasure trove of invaluable knowledge for the newbie web properties investment specialist. Yet everything you'll learn is refreshingly easy to put into practice.

"Web Property Investing" Is A Skill You Can Easily Learn In Just 10 Minutes Per Day..."

And Profit From For The Rest Of Your Life!

It's always easier to be the investor. Always.

The skills you need to succeed as a web property investment specialist can be learned in just 10 minutes per day and Own The Web can help get you there. You see, as an investor you let OTHER people do the hard and complicated work for you. You let OTHER people take the risks.

 You simply choose the "best fit" web properties that work with your lifestyle, personal desires, and financial goals.

 Have you ever seen the show "Shark Tank"?

 Yeah, like I said... it's ALWAYS better to be the investor.

The Website Investor's Inner Circle

Private Facebook Group

The Gold package includes everything in the Silver package PLUS...

12 Months of Access to:

The Website Investor's Inner Circle

An exclusive private group that will give you access to experienced website buyers in an interactive format. Get answers when you need them.
  • Partner with other inner circle members
  • Get answers to specific questions about your current opportunities
  • Develop relationships with experienced players in the industry

The Website Investor's Mastermind Group

The Website Investor's Mastermind Group

These one of a kind groups led by Jeff Hunt will be limited to 6 people ensuring focused attention on your particular challenges and opportunities. We will meet 3 times over 2 months. Although every topic is fair game it is common to spend time on questions like these:
  • How much should I spend on my first site?
  • What do you think about ...this... opportunity?
  • Is there an alternative to ...this... ad network, supplier, etc.?
  • Where can I get help doing ...this...?
  • Would anyone like to partner with me on ...this...opportunity?
The Platinum package includes everything in the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages PLUS...
Investor Success Coaching with The Website Investor

Investor coaching sessions with Jeff have just one purpose - helping you be successful.

Jeff Hunt has purchased more than 300 income producing websites. He consults with and sources online business acquisitions for corporations and has literally written the book on website investing.

Jeff puts all this experience to work for you to help you find the right opportunity, acquire it at the right price, and reap the maximum profits from your online enterprise.
  • 6 half hour sessions
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Use sessions before during or after your website purchase
  • Use Jeff as your own personal evaluation specialist to inspect opportunities before you buy
Experience with The Website Investor
Like the wild west before it, the internet and the world wide web continue to exist as a gold rush for savvy business-people and investors who are mining in the right places. jeff Hunt has cracked the code on how to spot websites that can be grabbed for a second income.
Joel Comm
Jeff is super, super wickedly smart. He has massive success in this area. Not a lot of people know him, but he's super brilliant as an underground marketer who "BUYS" his way into profits.
Alex Mandossian
As the team that's taking cash-flowing web-based property ownership ownership to Wall Street as a viable and lucrative investment alternative, we reached out to Jeff Hunt to join our team as our Strategic Adviser for online business acquisition at Cloud Income Properties Inc. Mr. Hunt is one of the few guys in this business who really knows what he's doing.
Ron DaviesVP of Marketing & Site Acquisitions, Co-Founder Cloud Income Properties
Jeff coached me on his exact process for buying websites. I have a full time job and travel a lot so I used the travel time to research online businesses to buy and understand how to operate them. With Jeff's guidance I purchased a site and began operating it. The knowledge I gained not only provided an enjoyable experience operating my own business it helped me in many areas of my full time job too. The website is a success, with a return on the initial investment in 10 months, and the business generating $1,600 to $2,000 per month in net profit.

I never realized how exciting and enjoyable operating an online business could be. I continue to learn new ways to improve each month and apply them to all areas of my business life. Plus this business makes a difference in the lives of thousands of people each month by providing key information for users to make informed health decisions. Making a difference and making a profit, now that is gratifying!
John S
Having invested in Jeff’s news course in the past I became accustomed to his high standards - and Own the Web is no different. I think what anyone going through Jeff's training material for the first time will find is that the level of comprehensiveness and detail is what makes it worth every cent you've paid for it. There's a ton of practical advice and tips given which you can put into action immediately after completing each section.

But it's not only the course that offers great value, Jeff's post-training support (should you ever need it) is also second to none if you have any areas of uncertainty which you'd like some clarity on. In my experience, this is a true rarity in the realm of purchased online training courses where often you're simply left "in the cold" to figure it all out for yourself.
Ian Maclaren
I tried flipping websites in the past with no success. That's because I was doing it all wrong. Jeff's methods make much more sense.
Christine Cobb
Jeff has done an amazing job of breaking everything down to a level a novice investor can understand. He doesn't profess any "get rich quick" schemes, but rather an understanding of the tools and the work necessary to run a profitable investor business.
Keven Becker
I've been building businesses online since 2001, and seen a lot of things come and go. Jeff Hunt's website investors is the most comprehensive course I have seen on buying and selling websites.

If you are even thinking about building an income stream in this space, Jeff's information will likely be the place you return to again and again, because while he teaches great tactics, the principles he shows are filled with the wisdom that only comes from years of being in the tranches and doing the work. HIghly recommended you get this course.
Jonathan Kraft
Jeff does a remarkable job deep diving into the facets of website investing. He breaks down his methods of where to find opportunities, how to evaluate and find the best candidate with tips on the best available tools you can utilize.

The great thing about investing in websites is you can manage your business from anywhere you can connect to the internet. It provides a freedom that few other business can. If you're new to website investing or already have some seasoning there is quite a bit of useful content within Own The Web.
Greg Greenwald
Tools for Every Level of Success
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One Time
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Investor Starter Guide
and Case Studies

Investor Starter Guide
and Case Studies

Investor Starter Guide
and Case Studies

Investor Starter Guide
and Case Studies

Web Business Value Estimator

Web Business Value Estimator

Web Business Value Estimator

Web Business Value Estimator

Own The Web
Video Course

Own The Web
Video Course

Own The Web
Video Course

The Website Investor's
Inner Circle

The Website Investor's
Inner Circle

The Website Investor's
Mastermind Group

The Website Investor's
Mastermind Group

Investor Success Coaching

Website Investors - Bronze: Starter Pack
Website Investors - Silver: Own the Web
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For coaching services:
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For coaching services:
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Jeff Hunt
  • Purchased over 300 income producing websites
  • Online business acquisition strategic adviser for CIP Inc.
  • Writer for
  • Former IBM Project Executive